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List Your Home For Less Commission

After all, you set the price; why shouldn’t you also set the commission that you pay!

With the rising prices of homes; the amount of money that traditional Real Estate companies charge is getting to be absurd. 

How it works

You tell me what you feel is a fair commission to pay to sell your home.  We agree and you save thousands and sometimes tens of thousands in commission.  It is truly that simple.

You can email me or complete the form on this site, but I prefer to speak live over the phone.  This way you hear my voice and I can answer all your questions in a 5 or 10-minute phone call.  I love technology, but talking live is still the best way to do business.  I have tons of REAL referrals (not the standard first initial and last name from a city that you see on most websites). I can give you past clients’ names and phone numbers that have always stated that they are happy to share their experiences with me.


You get EVERY Service included. This is a discounted commission but NOT a discounted service in any way. You get all of the following and much more:


Why I offer this to you

I have been in the real estate business for over 27 years (licensed 12/26/1996), and I have been a Broker for over 17 years (licensed 10/14/2006). Any time that you have worked in any business for that many years, you learn what can be improved to make it better.

I see people that struggle every day and work hard to make ends meet. Usually, their home equity is their largest asset, and when they go to liquidate that asset, they are charged extremely high fees (commissions) to do this.

In my opinion, this is simply not fair, and this is why I am offering this concept to anyone who wishes to sell their home.


Sales agents always try and state that the commission is ONLY 5% for example.  So lets look at that in detail.  If your home is worth $800,000 for example, then the commissions alone are $40,000.  They are correct stating that it is a 5% fee.

Let’s look at it another way though.  If you owe $500,000 (for example); you have $300,000 in equity.  The $40,000 is coming out of your $300,000 and that equates to 13.33% of your equity!!!  That is absurd!!!

And BTW, there are still other costs on top of this as well (escrow, title, recording, etc).

There has to be a better (more fair) solution and that is why I offer this.


Sales agents will make claims that they have secret marketing tricks or their company’s name is well known in the industry, or they get higher offers than anyone else, or they have the best social media marketing, or they create professional flyers… basically they will say anything to try and get you to sign their listing agreement.

The reality is that once a listing goes on the MLS it is automatically filtered out to most of the media where buyers look for a home.

Consider the following:

    • Do you find / buy a home because it is listed by ABC Company? No – you could care less who is listing it.
    • Do you find / buy a home because it has a nice flyer? No – you are already in the home and just grab the flyer so you have the information.
    • Do you find / buy a home because your agent is getting a higher commission? No – you know that the home you buy is YOUR choice alone.

The only exception is if you are selling a home that is appraised at $7,000,000 or above. This is different because there is a considerably smaller pool of buyers looking for homes in that price range; as a result, the marketing strategies will be adjusted accordingly.

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