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Common Real Estate Myths

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Top 10 Most Common Real Estate Myths Debunked Myths and rumors travel faster than the speed of light. They obscure the truth, distort reality, and spread unnecessary concerns. So, the greater enemy of the truth is not a lie, but it is unrealistic and unmindfully persuasive minds that spit out the facts in a skewed […]

Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Broker

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Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Broker Hunting your dream home or selling your property can be both thrilling and terrifying. Imagine finding your dream home at a beach area, or getting top price for your lovingly maintained luxurious house. Now imagine dealing with endless listings, complex paperwork, and negotiations. Your excitement must be […]

How Does A Broker Get Paid?

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When they learn that their broker would receive a portion of their commission, this is a question that a lot of inexperienced agents ask. Brokers have two revenue streams: The fee, which is often 6% of the transaction price, must be paid by the seller. The buying agent and the selling broker will agree on […]

What is Wholesale Real Estate?

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Real estate contracts can be purchased and sold through wholesale real estate. The tactic known as “real estate wholesaling” involves a wholesaler obtaining a contract from a seller on a property and then selling it to an investor. A wholesaler makes money by selling a property for the owner. Serving as a middleman between sellers […]